This documents both the evolution of the visualization, as well as (at least in the beginning), my learning d3.js.

February 18, 2012

First day with d3.js, using a fake dataset that contains the following calls:

Function Start time End time
main 0 50
foo 1 8
bar 10 38
baz 11 12
baz 13 14
fizz 18 32
cleanup 39 45



Basic (read: ugly) rendering of the shapes works. They’re all the same color, and have no labels or interactivity.

February 21, 2012

After learning far more about color systems than I ever intended I now have working coloring for different calls. I also played with the sizing so it looks a bit more sane, added a stroke to make it look nicer, and a simple mouseover effect. As a result of all my work on learning HSV this also resulted in a patch for d3.js to add HSV support.